Parma Ham Boneless Casale, 8kg
A whole Italian classic
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Origin Italy意大利
Format 8kg
Minimum Order 1.0 pcs
Qnt. Available 100.0 pcs

Prosciutto di Parma represents authenticity, quality and Italian tradition in every bite. The perfect choice to add extra flavour to any meal, producers of Prosciutto di Parma share one goal: To cure a leg of pork with pure sea salt in order to keep the meat as sweet-tasting and as supple as possible.

Casale is a trusted Italian brand that is synonymous with quality and responsible production. Enjoy your prosciutto with melon, in sandwiches or wrapped around asparagus.

Leg can be stored in vacuum package for up to 12 months.
Once opened, refrigerate and consume within 40 days.
Freezing is not recommended

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