Le Duc Des Nauves, AOC 2014, 750ml
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Origin France
Format 750ml
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Château le Puy lies on the same rock plateau as Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, overlooking the magnificent Dordogne valley. The chateau was known in ancient times as «Côteau des Merveilles» (the Hill of Wonders) because of the excellence of its wines. The vineyard is perched on the second highest point in the Gironde departement at 110m above sea level with a sunny, warm and dry climate. The existing part of the Château was built by our ancestor Barthélemy AMOREAU in 1832, but the origin of the oldest part goes back to the early twelfth century. Several houses with walls made of stones and soil dominate an important energetic settlement called «cromlech». A prehistoric chipped-stone field passes through the vineyard and even nowadays, flint implements can be found.

Robe: Red
Gape Variety: 70% Merlot. 10% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Fran
Certification: Demeter

The process is done under temperature control with fully destem berries and natural yeast. The traditional fermentation will take 2 to 4 weeks without addition of anything whatsoever. Then we proceed to frequent devating and racking before bottling

Tasting notes
This wine is the perfect combination between the fruity of the attack and the minerality of the final. The aromatic bouquet reveals some black fruits, plum and cherry aromas to create a lively wine. Very well balanced between its freshness and the velvety of its tannins, Duc des Nauves 2014 is a must in pleasure and generosity.

Food and wine pairing
Robe Stewed beef and lamb, cold cuts, Yakitori skewers, cream based sauce dishes.
Decanter : 4 stars Decanter : 4 stars

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