Dried Cherries, 250g
Let your tastebuds go wild!
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Origin USA
Format 250g
Minimum Order 2.0 pack
Qnt. Available 100.0 pack

Dried cherries come packed with beneficial vitamin A. The vitamin A from your diet supports new cell growth, and it plays a role in wound healing and immune function. It also supports health vision and nourishes your skin. Cherries also serve as a good source of copper, an essential mineral.

Add to salads or pastas; glamorize granola and trail mixes; mix into hot and cold cereal; fold into cookie dough, muffins and scones; add texture to salsas and chutneys; top ice cream or frozen yogurt; spoon into fruit fillings for pastries or pies! Also great for snacking straight out of the bag!

Store in a cool, dry place.

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