Honeycomb, 520g
Straight from the Bees!
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Origin Xinjiang
Format 520g
Minimum Order 1.0 box
Qnt. Available 100.0 box

Raw Honeycomb is a true delicacy of nature. The hexagonal cells that create the comb are made by bees from beeswax. 550 bees have to visit 2 million flower blossoms to create 1 pound of honey.

Honey tastes especially delicious and fresh when it's eaten straight from the honeycomb! Comb honey is the purest kind of honey, still sealed in the wax by the bees themselves, totally raw and never touched by human hands.

The comb can be eaten as is or the honey can easily be removed from the comb by crushing the honey comb gently with the back of a large spoon.

Enjoy Raw Honeycomb with slices of tart green apple and a wedge of salty artisan sharp cheddar for a delicious appetizer or dessert.

Store in dry and mild temperatures.

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