Kilcoy Grain fed Short Rib, 280-300g
Rich quality meat
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Origin Australia
Format 280-300g
Minimum Order 2.0 pcs
Qnt. Available 50.0 pcs

Short ribs are a cut of beef taken from the rib areas of beef cattle. They consist of a short portion of the rib bone, which is overlain by meat. The "flanken", which is cut across the bone and leaves the bone 1 to 2 inches. To cook we reccommend seasoning with salt and pepper and frying over a medium-high heat. Cook the ribs until browned on each side.

KPC (Kilcoy Pastoral Company) produce premium 100 Day Grain-Fed Beef in the picturesque town of Kilcoy in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Region. KPC is committed to providing the highest level of animal welfare. Their grain-fed products are renowned as a stamp of quality, consistency and integrity. Find out more in Groupmall's article!

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