Fresh Grass fed Beef Tenderloin, 1.55-1.75kg
Juicy and tender (Halal)
Product Infomation
Origin Chongqing
Format 1.55-1.75kg
Minimum Order 1.0 pcs
Qnt. Available 10.0 pcs

The tenderloin is arguably the most tender steak you can find. And it's so simple to prepare. It requires little more than an even sear on all sides. It's perfect enjoyed as is, or between two slices of country bread with Gruyere or Gorgonzola for a rustic steak sandwich.

We source this premium grass-fed steak from domestic farms in China, where the steers are sustainably farmed. This meat is Halal.

This meat is delivered FRESH not frozen! Portion out and freeze for later.

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