Pinna Pecorino Sardo DOP, 200g
Sardinian Cheese
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Origin Italy
Format 200g
Minimum Order 1.0 pack
Qnt. Available 100.0 pack

Pecorino Sardo DOP is a table and grating cheese, typically from Sardinia Island, with a smooth rind compact semi-hard cheese, white color tending to light yellow with aging. Soft cheese made from selected milk with a sweet and delicate taste, and an intense and characteristic aroma.

Pecorino Sardo is made with sheep's milk, and it has the DOP certification (Protected Origin Denomination) that guarantees the cheese is made according to the traditional techniques in the original geographic area where it born.

Tasting: Ideal to eat as it is at the beginning or end of a meal. Great on the grill as well. It can be eaten together with bread and to highlight the taste we suggest to taste it together with a fruity red wine.

Storage: Cool storage
Notes: Due to cutting imprecision, weight may vary slightly.

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