Sparrow Energy mix, 210g
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Origin Mix imported and local
Format 210g
Minimum Order 2.0 pack
Qnt. Available 100.0 pack

Sparrow Fitness Series is based on a long and close cooperation with Richardson Manzol, the Insanity Live and Fitness coach. The various mixes take advantage of the Chinese knowledge and traditional consumption of nuts, seeds and fruits in their traditional diet.

Sparrow paper packaging is specially designed to reduce the negative impact on the environment and minimize carbon print. Besides, Sparrow products are
freshly packed when ordered to mantain it's true taste and freshness.

The Energy mix includes:
A 70% nuts 30% fruits mix to enhance weight Loss, reduce hunger pangs, sustain Amino Acids, and assure carbohydrates intake. Pistachio kernels, pine-nuts, almonds and hazelnuts are combined with Goji berries, black raisins and dried apples for an ideal snack.

Sparrow believes that nutrients are best enjoyed in the most natural way and closer to the way nature intended.

All nuts and dried fruits are carefully selected from domestic and exporters that Sparrow meets regularly face to face. All nuts are raw & natural / Vegan / Sulfur free / Peroxide free / Sugar free / and gluten free.

Note: Raw nuts are naturally softer than processed, roasted or salted counterparts.

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