Sultanas Raisins 250g
Super healthy snack!
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Origin Turkey
Format Packet
Minimum Order 2.0 Packet
Qnt. Available 50.0 Packet

Sultana Raisins come from a dried white grape and are jam packed with Vitamins B1, B2 and antioxidants. These dried fruits are a known source of energy and are very beneficial to a person's health.

One of the main health benefits of Sultana raisins is the polyphenol antioxidant which is said to protect the body from the growth of tumours, particularly colon cancer.

Our sultanas have great flavour and can be consumed as a healthy snack on their own, sprinkled on cereal or for baking purposes in cakes.

We have sourced our Sultanas from Sparrow. Sparrow paper packaging is specially designed to reduce the negative impact on the environment and minimize carbon print. Besides, Sparrow products are freshly packed when ordered to mantain their true taste and freshness.

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