Brander Urstoff, 6x330ml
Fresh Lager Beer!
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Origin Germany
Format 6x330ml
Minimum Order 1.0 pack
Qnt. Available 50.0 pack

Brander Urstoff is a German fresh beer that dates back to the year 1688 when the beer was brewed for the first time in the ancient castle of Brand - located in the beautiful mountain range of northern Bavaria, Germany.

From century to century the quality of Brander Urstoff has steadily improved, controlled by the acknowledged German institute in Weihenstephan.

Brander Urstoff became famous for its quality and also for its superior taste.
Securing the highest quality standards, Brander Urstoff uses its original recipes and brews in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516.

This beer is made of quality malt and pure local water which is regularly analyzed by the German institute in Weihenstephan .

One pack contains 6 x 330ml glass bottles.

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