Chocolate Hemp Protein Bites (Gluten-Free) - 5 pcs, Mango Protein Bites - 5 pcs, 105g x 2 tubs
Simply Nutritious, Convenient & Delicious!
¥70.0/2 tubs
¥80.0/2 tubs
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Origin China
Format 105g x 2 tubs
Minimum Order 1.0 pair(s)
Qnt. Available 100.0 pair(s)

There is simply NO reason why one shouldn't try our new Chocolate Hemp Protein Bites, enough said!!

In addition, our delicious bite-size Mango protein snacks are made using a unique combination of dehydrated unsweetened mango and our special medjool date!

Lastly, Hemp seeds and isolated organic pea protein are added into the mix, resulting in a tasty yet nutritious alternative to all the regular 'healthy' junk food out there!

Chocolate Hemp Protein Bites Ingredients: Hemp Seeds, Medjool dates, walnuts, organic cocoa powder, organic pea protein, GoVegan All Natural Almond Butter, organic cold press coconut oil ( less than 1/2 teaspoon for 5 balls ), a pinch of Himalayan salt.

Mango Protein Bites Ingredients: dehydrated unsweetened mango, Madjool dates, roasted cashew, walnuts, hemp seed, organic pea protein, organic coconut flakes.

Weight: 105g (5 pcs)

Refrigerated Storage Required!

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